Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why Sex Dolls Are So Popular

One of the most common questions I get asked as the owner of Best Realistic Sex Dolls, is why are sex dolls so popular right now? And the answer is simple. Sex dolls are like men. They're always down for some great sex anytime the need arises. They don't nag you and they don't complain constantly about their friends at work until you want to tear your own eyeballs out. And they won't divorce you and take 80% of your stuff and sue you for lifetime alimony and child support. In fact, they're just here to make sure you are sexually satisfied - even if that means having sex 3 times a day!
And with most love dolls, you get three openings, all which vibrate. Imagine being able to have vaginal and anal sex on demand! What's not to like? And unlike dating a real women, you won't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to break up 6 months later when they tell you they want kids or they're living. Nope! In most cases $1000 is all you need to get an amazing sex doll that will last you years.

In fact, as time passes, sex dolls have developed and changed both with the manner they are presently made, and the way they look, but likewise the manner in which society is more accepting of them. Most people now see sex dolls as the equivalent to a woman's vibrator. For men you'll be able to receive a fantastic masturbator love doll with a single sucking mouth action, ideal for oral sex in its finest and for the ladies, you won't feel left out either. Like a simple guideline, if girls wouldn't desire to put on a specific kind of makeup, never put it in your doll. Now should you be searching for a petite sex doll, well, that'll be only just a little harder. These days, you can choose and get the sex doll online at http://www.bestrealsiticsexdolls.com, with a very reasonable budget. Whether you want one made in Japan or China, they are at present readily available for worldwide delivery.
The awesome thing with love dolls is how you get to select your own edition, since they arrive in various forms and sizes and they never, ever, ever say no. Once you've purchased the most appropriate love doll in accordance with your sexual wishes, you can participate in the foreplay and the wild intercourse with it. And while there are plenty to choose form that are under $1000, you can also get some that are up to $12,000 if you really wanted. Some of these silicone love dolls even come with artificial intelligence! 
And I also want to point out that with a TPE sex doll, you don't need to please her parents and family members or deal with them during the holidays. Just make certain the entire extended family is prepared to be creative this year! You don't know, you could just locate the only thing which you're searching for and have a fantastic sex life at precisely the same moment! With a sex doll, you also never need to worry about it being that time of the month. They re always down for wild, fun sex when you want it. And you'll save a ton not having to buy birthday presents, Christmas presents, pay for vacations for her and her friends, marriage counseling, etc. I'm telling you, silicone sex dolls are where it's at my friends!
To make it easier finding the best sex dolls online, I've created several different resources you can tap into to find the perfect one for you. Here you go:
And feel free to head on over to our Google Doc page to see the latest in sex doll product development: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CjvgB9OXRfS9FucgorTcv6oZVP8RxGVEUsihX6I2W9k/

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Best Electric Heater Blanket For Sex Dolls

Hey Guys!

Ever wondered which electric heater blanket was the best at heating up silicone or TPE sex dolls to the perfect temperature? Well, put that wonder aside because today I answer that question and even show you the heater blanket you should avoid at all costs! There's one that almost set my doll on fire! Make sure you never ever buy this one. Here's a link to the video: https://youtu.be/dAi7967z_us

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